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Rules & Policy

These rules must be abided by while using one of our services. Please make sure to read this before using any of our services. These rules apply to all of our parent companies: Hamilton Taxi & Airport Express. If you have any further questions, please email us at hamiltonnytaxi@outlook.com.

* A clean up charge for spillage in the vehicle is subject to be paid by said lessee. Charge may be applied by credit card number given if HAMILTON NEW YORK TAXI deems necessary. Price is based upon the cleaning crew time it would take and can exceed $150.00 or more. Ripping, tears, or any other malicious damaged caused to said vehicle during the time of lease is subject to responsibility of said lessee stated above.

* HAMILTON NEW YORK TAXI is not responsible for lost or stolen items, such as: Wallets, Keys, Cell Phones, Etc.

* There is a ZERO Tolerance for standing through sunroofs and or heads through windows. HAMILTON NEW YORK TAXI Holds Harmless any injuries obtained, due to NOT following said instructions.

* There is a ZERO Tolerance for the use of ANY NARCOTICS, or DRINKING UNDER THE AGE OF 21, or FIGHTING while inside or outside the said vehicle in use.

* Anyone suspected to be using narcotics, drinking under age, or fighting will be asked to step out of said vehicle until the authorities have arrived. HAMILTON NEW YORK TAXI IS NOT responsible for ramifications of said clients actions. Hamilton New York Taxis drivers has the right to end service at any time. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

* Vehicle substitution are subject to occur. Lessee agrees to understand the circumstances beyond Hamilton New York Taxi Control.

Revised June 2, 2019.