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Founded in 1994, George Rink, the owner of Hamilton New York Taxi has been serving the community in Taxi and Limousine transportation. He and his dedicated drivers make sure that customer service are their number one priority.

We are experienced drivers and have been doing this for a while. We focus on remaining energy efficent by offering our customers the satsfaction that they are riding in Green Vehicles. We own Toyota Corollas and Priuses, which are considered to be some of the best green cars around today! Also, we are dedicated in making sure that customer service remains at the top of our standards.

We offer taxi services to any desintation of your choosing. If you need a ride from your location to the airport, we have a service for that. Our company is broken down into two parent companies to make the process of choosing much eaiser. So, why not take advantage of these services?

To request a ride, click the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner and click request a ride.